The program is supported by the German government. Students will be subjected to work and study combination. The salary will get between 700-1000 Euro.

How to go study in Taiwan?

Taiwan has a lot to offer to the world. International students are now considering Taiwan as their first choice for Mandarin Chinese language learning, undergraduate and graduate degree programs, along with short-term study programs. And Taiwan is known for many outstanding cultural aspects: its popular multi-ethnic cuisine, historic landmarks and pristine environment to name a few. However, what Taiwan is best known for among international students is its world renowned and friendly “Taiwan spirit”…a place where students’ dreams can come true.

Do I Need to Study Korean in Korea?

You can get by in Korea as an English speaker and never learn Korean. Plenty of people have done it and have lived in Korea for many years.
Rest assured, you likely won’t starve or get stranded.
If you live in a big city such as Seoul or Busan, there will be more English speakers than in the countryside. On the whole, people in these areas can communicate in English better, even if it’s limited.
Your reasons why you’re in Korea will help you decide how much you’ll actually need to be studying Korean.

Why choose Germany to study in as a foreign student?

For starters, you’ll get first-class education (German universities are among the highest ranking in the world – right below a few of the American Ivy League and prestigious British universities) and a formal degree to show for it, that is recognized all over the world.

On top of that, the guiding principle of the German higher education being ‘The Unity of Teaching and Research’ (also the cornerstone of what is referred to as the ‘dual education system’), there is strong emphasis on ‘apprenticeship’ and hands-on involvement on the part of the student, in both the practical application of a large part of what gets learned theoretically and in researching novel ways of problem-solving (at many universities and ‘Fachhochschulen’ access to cutting-edge research facilities is available).

Finally, Germany is an important country and culture, so every international student stands to benefit greatly from familiarity with it (to say nothing of the ton of fun they are certain to have in the process).

Why do you choose Japan to study?
In Japan, you can experience first-hand the culture, food, traditions and fascinating history of Japan from rustic countryside living to futuristic technologies.
Japan is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world with an incredibly low crime rate.
Japan has a job market with a great demand for qualified graduates. Many Japanese companies have expressed their desire to place foreigners from Japanese institutions.
The OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), ranks Japanese high school students number 1 in maths and number 2 in scientific literacy. Japan has the highest number of Nobel Prize winners in Asia and ranks 2nd out of all the countries in the world since the year 2000. Japan also has over 700 universities, 10 of which are ranked in the top 200 worldwide.